Spread the (Self) Love

February is the Pink month. The candy heart month. The chocolates and teddy bears month. There is always an abnormal amount of emphasis on love and relationships in February. It makes sense–February 14th is basically national holiday. You can’t watch 10 minutes of television without seeing either a commercial for a mall jewelry store or an ad for an online dating site. Hallmark stores are overflowing with red and pink cards, cute stuffed animals holding hearts and kitschy keepsake whathaveyous.

February celebrates our love for material symbols of love. It celebrates our love for all things mushy and relationship-y. In the weeks leading up to Valentines day, our thoughts can’t help but focus on love– specifically our love for another. All of the emphasis on relationship with another person this one, specific time of year makes me wonder what we’re focusing our love for the rest of the year. Don’t get me wrong: relationships can be (and usually are) wonderful, but you can’t be in a wonderful relationship with another person until you are in a wonderful relationship with yourself.

The concept of self-love might sound cliche, but there is a reason for that. I find it rare in this day and age to run into someone who truly loves every aspect of him/herself. You don’t need to love everything all the time (it helps if you at least like everything), but I feel it’s important to love your potential– to love what you know you can be, because (to throw in another cliche-y phrase) you can be anything you dream! It just depends on how much you know yourself, how much you believe in yourself, how in tune you are and how much you want it!

This Valentines day, I encourage you to celebrate what you love about yourself. More importantly, celebrate your potential–celebrate the potential those aspect of yourself that you merely “like.” Believe in yourself and have faith that you are capable of anything that you can imagine!

What are you capable of doing this year? How will you love yourself up on Valentine’s Day?

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