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I’ve made some updates to my Health and Nutrition Counseling Services!

In addition to the One-on-One Nutrition Counseling Sessions, I will soon be holding Group Nutrition Counseling Programs in the Boston Area!

The Group Program is a great opportunity to get healthy and reach your weight loss goals with the help of a caring holistic professional (moi) and the awesome members of the group! It’s a great way to reap the benefits of the One-on-One Counseling Program with the added benefit of new friends!

The first Group Program will start in April 2011— If you’re interested in finding out more, give me a call to schedule your free consultation! Or drop me an email for more information!

I’m also offering a low-risk Holistic Nutrition Discovery Program! This one month program is a great way to get a taste for what holistic nutrition counseling has to offer. The Discovery Program focuses on clarifying your health and wellness goals, and implementing a detailed plan to reach these goals. Of course, we’ll also talk about nutrition, food choices and a host of other things!

Check out my Services page for more detailed information about my new offerings!

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