Brewin’ the ‘bucha. Kombucha, that is…

A few weeks ago, I started brewing my own kombucha.

I grew my own SCOBY and then put everything in a giant glass jar to do its thing.

I used green tea.

I was unlimited and my nails looked nice for once.

I used some GT’s 100% for an extra boost.

After what seemed like forever, my ‘bucha was ready for its second fermentation.

The second fermentation is what makes it fizzy.

I added two tablespoons of black cherry juice to each empty bottle.

Filling the rest with my fermented tea.

I kept some 100%.

For me, brewing kombucha is a work in progress. This is actually the second time I’ve tried it– the first time I didn’t wait long enough for the SCOBY to eat the sugar from the tea. So when I tasted it, my brain exploded with a sugar rush.

I’m hoping this time is different. I’m still a little scared…it’s not like buying it at the store where they tell you how much sugar is in it…you kind of have to know by taste, which I don’t yet.

Have you ever brewed your own kombucha? How did it go? Any words of advice?

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One Response to Brewin’ the ‘bucha. Kombucha, that is…

  1. Christine January 26, 2013 at 7:05 PM #

    Thanks for the play by play. Can’t wait to try it.

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