How is Your Digestion? A Healthy Gut Means a Healthy Life


How is your digestion?

Really. Honestly. How is it?

Good? Good for the most part? Okay?

When I start working with someone to create their own food routine, the first place we start is with their digestion and healing their gut.

70% of your immune system is located in and around your gut.

Thus, if your digestion is less than ideal you gut may be inflamed.

If your gut is inflamed, your immune system is impaired.

Whether your goals are to lose weight, gain muscle or to create a healthy food routine, healing your gut is the first place to start.

So how do you do it?

You can start by avoiding notoriously inflammatory foods like grains, legumes, dairy and added sugars– by eating within a Paleo Framework.

That might do the trick, but if you feel like you need some extra help, you could consider some of these options:

Making sure to chew your food.

Chewing is the first step in digestion– not only does it break down food, it signals to your stomach to get ready for food by secreting digestive enzymes.

Drink water around meals rather than with meals.

Drinking water during meals can dilute your stomach acid and make digestion a bit tougher– aim to drink water mostly around meals (an hour before and an hour after) rather than during meals.

Make some bone broth.

Bone broth is a wonderful tool for healing your gut. The nutrients in the bone broth support the healing of the digestive lining and the bones contain minerals that support your own bones and joints. Click here for my recipe.

Eat some fermented foods.

Fermented foods will support a healthy balance of good bacteria in your gut. A good balance of gut bacteria will help with inflammation, digestion and SO many other bodily functions
So. How is your digestion? If it’s less than ideal, consider taking some time to really focus on your guts.

Because a healthy gut means a healthy life.

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