The Secret to a Sustainable Lifestyle…

For the longest time, I thought that living a healthy lifestyle wasn’t supposed to be fun.

You weren’t supposed to enjoy yourself.

You weren’t supposed to eat delicious foods.

It’s taken me years to realize that this isn’t true at all. In fact, the key to creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle is enjoying what you’re doing.

If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t keep it up. It’s as simple as that.

Here’s a little video ramble I did on the subject:

Are you enjoying the way that you eat? Are you enjoying the way that you move your body?

If not, we should talk.

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Already truly enjoying your healthy lifestyle? Share your tips for getting there in the comments below!

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2 Responses to The Secret to a Sustainable Lifestyle…

  1. Meghan February 19, 2018 at 6:59 AM #

    What if I really enjoy cake and cookies? but seriously i totally agree with this and love the video!

    • Allison March 7, 2018 at 11:19 AM #

      If you really enjoy them, then EAT THEM!! As long as you’re making the conscious decision to eat them, it’s never the wrong decision 🙂

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