Coming Soon…Virtual Health Coaching!!

I have something new in the works that I’m REALLY excited about! A Frisky Lemon Virtual Health Coaching Membership! WOOT!

I decided to create this program because more and more people have been asking for support that works with their super busy schedules– content that they can go over on their own time ( i.e. in bed), and access to me that makes sense for their lives (i.e. NOT talking on the phone, but connecting through an app.)

So, I’m excited to announce that in the coming weeks, I’ll be rolling out a Virtual Health Coaching Membership!

The Virtual Health Coaching Membership Includes:

  • 12 Week Virtual Health Coaching Kickstart program– 12 weekly email lessons to give you all of the tools that you need to create a new, healthy lifestyle and reach your goals.
  • Food and activity tracking through the Nudge App to empower you to stay on track and engaged throughout the program. The Nudge App syncs with your fitness trackers and allows you to track your food and water intake and also stay connected with your health coach (Allison) pretty much 24/7.
  • Unlimited Email Support and easy access to Allison via the Nudge Tracking and Health Coaching App
  • Exclusive, members-only content (like giveaways, coupons, discounts and other goodies!)
  • Personalized support from a professional Health Coach that works with your busy schedule.

Who is this for?

The Virtual Health Coaching Membership is for anyone looking to make a significant change in their diet and lifestyle to reach their health and/or weight loss goals.

For busy people who can’t always make time for phone sessions.

For those that way to create a new, healthy lifestyle, or personalized healing diet with the support of a professional health coach.

Why a Virtual Health Coaching Membership?

Everyone is busy these days– but being busy shouldn’t be the one thing that keeps you from getting the support that you need. This virtual health coaching program will help you set goals, and hold you accountable for reaching these goals while fitting easily into your busy schedule.

With this Virtual Health Coaching Membership, I provide an email lesson each week for 12 weeks. Each lesson will touch on an important aspect of healthy eating, healing your gut and your relationship with food to give you the tools that you need to create your new, healthy lifestyle and reach your health and weight loss goals.

You’ll learn more about:

  • The importance of emphasizing anti-inflammatory whole foods in your diet.
  • Easy ways to integrate more fruits and veggies into your day.
  • How following a traditional diet can help you heal your body and your mind.
  • How to create a diet that truly works for you and honors your bioindividuality.
  • Why having a good relationship with food is critical to long-term health and happiness
  • And much more!

After the first 12 weeks, you’ll continue to receive personalized guidance and exclusive members-only content.

This membership is completely online.

All it requires is that you have a computer, an email address, and a Smartphone to download the Nudge App (if you’d like to track food and activity this way and stay connected with me.)

The investment in this virtual health coaching membership is $35.00 per month $20.00 per month as a special introductory offer! Enroll any time that you want and start the following week! There is no obligation– you can cancel at any time.

Want to be the first to join? Hop on my email newsletter to find out exactly when it’s rolling out 🙂

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Feel free to email if you have any questions.

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