Last night I had a dream that I needed to be blogging…

Last night I had a dream that I needed to be blogging.

Well, I actually needed to go back in time to hide a diaper bag full of letters in my mother-in-law’s attic so that I wouldn’t get arrested for a crime I committed in a coffee shop…but there had to have been something about blogging in there because I woke up feeling like I needed to write. 

It’s been a while, friends. Life got busy. Work got busy. I lost track of all the things. Here’s a quite update on what I’ve been doing for the past year or so. 

  1. Having kids. I have an almost 4-year-old son and an 18-month-old daughter. Let me tell you– kids keep you SO busy. In a good and bad way. I love them to death and would do absolutely anything for them, but I also have laundry that’s been in my washer for 5 years that I still need to switch over to the dryer. 
  2. We moved from Massachusetts to Vermont. This happened pretty recently, actually. We moved to the town next to my hometown to a house in the country. It’s been amazing, but it’s also an adjustment coming from the city. 
  3. I work full time for a digital health coaching company called Blue Mesa Health and their diabetes prevention program, Transform. This also keeps me super busy, but I love, love, LOVE my work. 
  4. I guess that’s about it, but I feel like I should have been doing more things in the past year…having two kids is no joke. 

My dream last night made me realize how much I miss writing.

So I’m going to do it more. Call it a New Years Resolution or something…even though I’m not sure I believe in those (you can set goals at ANY time during the year). 

I’m still a health coach. I still love supporting people to create a lifestyle that will help them reach their goals and change their lives. I still love connecting with people through the internet and providing resources for them to take charge and make changes. 

So that’s what I’ll be doing. Writing. For you. Because I really like you. I feel like once a week is a good goal (remember back 10 years ago when I would write a new post EVERY DAY? Me neither). 

Speaking of 10 years– Frisky Lemon will be 10 years old this year! I know, right?! 

Here’s to another great year of recipes, blogging, and health. 

Eat kale and be happy, 


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