Here are some of the things my clients are saying:

Over the course of our work together I have gained so much insight and clarity on my very sensitive body. I have found the right supplements to help my body heal, the foods that I need to avoid, the foods that my body loves and ultimately with Allison’s support I have made trememendous healing progress. Not to mention I have learned so much about digestion and the way my body works that I am able to make food choices with confidence.

Allison is nurturing, caring, compassionate and very knowledgable. Always goes the extra mile. Geniuinely cares for her clients and extremely thoughtful.

–Sharice C., Marketing Expert, Cranston, RI


For starters I lost weight and actually kept it off!! I’m back down to 214 like I was last year so not too shabby. I noticed my energy levels have improved overall (some days aren’t so great but that’s okay). My sleep drastically improved as well, I am starting to have REM sleep again. Through the health coaching I have come across so much information that helped me link the pieces of the health puzzle together. Most importantly, to me, I got to know myself a little bit more and I got help on issues from another perspective.

— Lakiesha H., Health Care Worker, Delaware


When I started working with Allison, I had noticed extreme fatigue and mood problems, in addition to chronic digestive problems, sugar addiction, and eczema, and I hoped to take steps toward healing those issues and feeling more like myself again. After our 6 month program, I am not as fatigued and have more regular digestion, and I made some positive additions of protein, fat, and less refined sugars to my regular diet. I’ve noticed an overall decrease in sugar consumption, more energy, and more regular digestion. Allison is friendly, sincere, knowledgeable, resourceful, encouraging, and upbeat!

— Jamie G., Malden, MA


After the Nutritional Reset, I’ve refocused, I’ve definitely loved working with you, I have taken baths and gone to bed earlier and allowed myself to stray without then telling myself off. My skin is clearing up on my face, I feel in control rather than out of control, I’m cooking again a lot more!

–Janine K., Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach, Essex, United Kingdom


I have more insight into what food choices are healthy for me.. I don’t feel “bogged down” after eating, nor do I feel peaks and valleys in my energy levels.

–Madeline M., Burlington, VT


I lost four pounds, but don’t feel like I am dieting at all. I have found that I can adapt some of my own recipes to Paleo and have discovered some great new recipes. My husband has been eating mostly Paleo for three weeks and has not complained once!

–Sharon A., Charlottesville, VA


I have incredible energy right now! sometimes I just have to get up and move! I call it an energy surge! I lost maybe 3 pounds and I have learned much more about carbohydrate intake and how my body responds to certain kinds of carbs.  I learned that making positive goals works much better than negative ones.

–Carole M. San Francisco, CA


I think of you and things you’ve taught me as I adjust to this new stage of life and eating in it! You’re like the little person on my shoulder, but not condemning, encouraging me to relax and let myself have some freedom. It’s really made a difference!

–J.L. Kansas, USA


[Since working with] Allison, I’ve really come to be able to listen to my body. I understand and listen to the signals my body is sending me. More importantly, I have a lot more respect for my body. I no longer obsess over every little thing I put in my mouth being perfect, whatever that even means. I now not only have the grace to forgive myself when I mess up but also to appreciate all the wonderful things my body does.

-Nicole I., University Student, New Haven, CT


As a partial Italian, bread and grains are a big part of the meals my more extended family and I eat together but with this Reset I learned you can go through life without so much bread and grain foods.. The reset also helped my body not to crave snacks in between meals so much and if I was hungry there are certain snacks that I can have to satisfy my hunger and not just tie me over for 20 minutes. I did notice some weight loss which I was so excited about and I feel much more comfortable with myself now.”

–Cydney C., Recent graduate, Rochester, MN


Frisky Lemon’s Fall Nutrition Reset was exactly what I needed. I had the support of the group to eat super clean for two weeks. Allison guided us through the process and any obstacles that came up. Before we started I had lots of sugar cravings I couldn’t control – I would have one square of chocolate and then suddenly I had eaten two bars. Now, after the cleanse, I eat a lot less chocolate, crave sugar far less often, and instead crave healthy foods like sauerkraut, brussels sprouts or roast beef. Allison didn’t just leave us when the cleanse was over, but hooked us up with resources to keep our eating clean and healthy out there in the post-cleanse world all on our own.

–Fiona S., Health Coach, Somerville, MA


I wasn’t sure what to expect with this cleanse when starting it and thought it might be difficult. I found that it wasn’t hard to do although it entailed some time and reading to get the most out of it. I liked that the main focus was diet but there were other components like skin and hair care as well as mental, emotional and exercise aspects of the cleanse. I started cooking a lot more, was more organized about shopping and read a lot more labels than I had in a long time. It’s good to know what you’re putting in your body and to make educated decisions. I even lost a couple of pounds without feeling deprived. Thanks Allison!”

–Daryl S., Artist, Richmond, VT


“Overall positive changes: Better eating habits/freedom. More understanding of supplements and power foods; greater freedom and forgiveness around negativity with my hunger,  and binging and internal food addict. Allison as a health coach: I loved your sweet acceptance of me, your gentle suggestions and coaxing, always including me, always making sure we were co-creating. I felt taken in by you and held in your thoughts.”

— Nira H. Northampton, MA


“This cleanse has been a great way to increase my momentum- the change of the seasons, better weather, improved nutrition and nutritional reset have all helped me improve my outlook and increase my energy. It’s a lot of work, but the cleanse doesn’t feel like work, it feels like you’re pampering and treating yourself! I am making much better food choices and I don’t feel overwhelmed by food anymore- I feel much more able to make decisions and be in control, and I can learn from my mistakes instead of feeling guilty about them.”

–Kendall F. Burlington, VT


“The biggest change I’ve noticed [since starting the Nutritional Reset] has been in my mood, which is fantastic!! I could ask for nothing else. I notice a marked difference in dealing with stress internally… I absorb a lot less of it, and I feel as though I’m thinking more clearly. Really loving the effects so far. That being said, the cleanse is revealing my weaknesses, which is a good thing for me to consciously observe.  I have finally noticed that I don’t prioritize myself in general. My eating habits, sleeping habits, self-care, have always been on the backburner, it’s the hardest thing for me to change (it’s very difficult for me to pamper myself). That’s a tough pill to swallow because it has revealed that deep down inside I have not felt worthy. I treat other people better than I treat myself.  I make great plans in my head, and don’t carry them through because everything else has priority over my well being. That woke me up. This might sound silly, but I’m going to treat myself like I would a daughter: be caring, but have guidelines, create routine, and have some fun.

— Rachael G., District Supervisor, Raleigh, NC


[The Nutritional Reset] really has gotten easier being the third time I’ve done it. People have asked me “didn’t you do that cleanse last year?” and my reply is “yes, and I had my teeth cleaned last year too!.” I just feel better when I get back to the basics and then start to trust myself again in the choices I make. Wore a pair of golf shorts today I couldn’t wear comfortably the first of the year when I got here. The weight loss is lovely, but it’s more the lean feeling I have (if you could see me, I AM NOT lean!) but I feel great! (Also had a good game!)

–Mary Frances C., South Burlington, VT


Allison is a great cleanse coach! She has realistic expectations and goals for cleanse newbies. All the information she provided before the cleanse and throughout was extremely helpful. Not only is my mind clearer and my waist a little smaller, but my 2 year old is eating healthier too. I will certainly be recommending this cleanse to friends and family!

–Melissa G., Residency Coordinator, Burlington, VT


Allison was a great motivating force during my winter cleanse. Every day I could expect an email in my inbox from her educating me on several different aspects of nutrition. In addition, she was always quick to answer any questions I had along the way and provide links to other nutritional resources. Most importantly, she believes in making small changes over time to produce big results in the end.

–Katie F., Waltham, MA


I have had the very good fortune to be able to participate in two of the nutritional resets with Allison-  one a year ago and one last spring. My experiences both times were amazing- I especially appreciate how knowledgeable Allison is regarding all things nutritional, and her kind and wise approach to helping me change the way I view food. During and after each cleanse I felt more clear headed, lighter, had enormous amounts of energy- and as I work odd hours this was a wonderful  benefit to learning how to eat paleo. A secondary gain is that I have lost a lot of body fat- and pounds- although that wasn’t my goal, and have eliminated a lot of unhealthy cravings- primarily sugar! Thank you Allison!

–Carole M., Administrative Nurse Coordinator, Burlington, VT


Allison taught me to approach food in a way that was empowering. I learned how to not go to food to feed emotions and boredom. I incorporate more fruits and veggies into my diet, and I feel more alive. Allison didn’t force me to change quickly. She understands that change takes time and lovingly guided me in the direction I needed to go. I’m thankful that I found her online in my search for a “food therapist” and I believe that my life will continue to change in positive ways because of her influence.

–Jessica S., 5th Grade Teacher, Somerville, MA

[In my work with Allison] I expanded healthy food options and identified some emotional eating and body image issues. I’m off all processed foods and I’ve remedied my digestion.  Allison is fabulous in so many ways. She is personable, caring, warm and open. Very easy to talk to. She is knowledgeable and a real problem solver, always willing to provide options for issues I was dealing with. And if she did not have an idea in a session she would always provide one later.  I am excited about what I eat and I feel really good. It is great to know Allison is there if I need a “restart” at some time in the future, but I have made significant changes that have already become habits. I could not be more pleased with this experience and my investment in my health! Thank you!!!

Sharon Z., Deputy Director of a Non-Profit, Somerville, MA


“I feel like I have a completely different view of food and it’s role in my life. I have recognized that I had the chicken and the egg thing backwards (not to use a food pun!!). I thought that if I controlled my diet better my life would feel more in control, and I have realized that if I can better nurture (not control) all the other nourishment in my life, then my food won’t control me.

The most tangible results have been in my food choices – I have broadened my repertoire of vegetables and healthy fats and I have broken out of the mold of specific breakfast. lunch and dinner foods and recognized that food is food no matter the time of day – a sweet potato for breakfast – yum! I also just feel better emotionally about where I am – I don’t feel the constant obsession and guilt around my nutrition.”

Jennifer T., Assistant Principal in the Lexington School District, and former Mrs. United States,  from Reading, MA


“I wanted to tell you that I am doing great and feeling awesome! I have people coming up to me at work and at the gym telling me that they notice I lost weight ! Yeah, I have, thanks and it’s thanks to your help!”

— Patty M., Wakefield, MA


“[Before I started working with Allison,] I was hoping to gain more self-confidence and be healthier in all aspects of my life. [After our work together,] I feel much better about myself and the relationship I have with food. I have lost some weight, but more importantly I have seen an increase in energy level and self-esteem, and a decrease in stress.”

–Kelsey M., Melrose, MA


“After not feeling motivated to lose the extra 15 lbs. that I had been carrying around for four years, Allison came to the rescue with her Autumn Cleanse diet.   Her cleanse provided me with the proper diet to help me realize which foods were not making me feel good, causing me to gain weight, and depleting myself of energy.

Allison provided motivational support along with personal expert advice tailored to me and my particular needs.  I even received a box of goodies to help start me out on the right foot with the Cleanse.  I especially liked the telephone conference group sessions with other cleanse dieters where everyone provided each other with advice and support.

Allison’s Cleanse gave me more energy and helped me to feel healthier and better about myself and I even started to lose weight!

Since starting with Allison’s cleanse and subsequent individual health consultation sessions I have continued to lose weight without feeling deprived or craving the foods that I have eliminated in my diet.

I used to have a lot of bloating in relation to eating.  The bloating has disappeared entirely and I feel lighter and have much more energy.  I also think that my skin looks better and my hair is shinier since starting with Allison’s cleanse and one on one health consultations!

Thank you Allison for providing me with the expert dietary information and motivational support that has started me on a new road to a healthy, life long eating regimen.  I believe that the health counseling I have received from you will help me to maintain a healthy weight, give me more energy and help me look and feel better about myself!”

–Sally M., Burlington, VT


“Working with Allison over the last six months has been an amazing,  remarkable and wonderful eye-opening experience!!   I started working with Allison for weight loss and nutritional guidance but through our sessions I was able to finally figure out the ‘root cause’ behind my weight loss/regain cycle. And WOW–did things start changing and making sense then!! Allison sees the big picture and based on her astute recommendations to me on small diet changes I felt I had much more control than I ever had in my past. Before I met Allison I simply felt LOST and offtrack no matter how hard I tried. I was successful – but never for long. She has  helped me on a beautiful self-discovery journey that not only addressed the initial issue I went to her for but  also to address so many other aspects of my life that I really didn’t  know were underlying problems and contributed to the bigger issues! She is a wonderful listener and contemplative in responses and advice. With her guidance my self-esteem, confidence and resilience have grown exponentially!  I now a strong foundation that I can use for the rest of my life.  I have met my goal weight and this time (and going forward) I know I can/will maintain it – gone are the feelings of ‘sinking in quicksand’ when I gained a few pounds and felt that I have no control on getting back on track.  Now I feel GREAT both inside and out. Thanks for helping me find my balance Allison – YOU ARE THE BEST!!!”

–Lynne P., Boston, MA


“Where to begin with this woman?! Allison Nichols has been nothing short of a miracle for me over these past 6 months. Yes, Allison knows the facts about nutrition, and yes, she’s got some tasty, easy, healthy recipes on her adorable blog. But I think the best part of working with her is that she “gets” the process and psychology behind the journey towards a healthier lifestyle. So often the challenges of making changes in eating run far deeper than simple diet adjustments and sheer willpower (otherwise, I don’t suppose anyone would ever need to diet!). Allison openly and non-judgmentally explores these deeper areas and clearly has enough insight and life experiences to help her clients sort through the barriers that often come between us and our goals. I always felt heard and found Allison to be extremely relate-able.

On top of her abilities to look at deeper issues, I also made several specific changes with eating as a result of Allison’s suggestions. These changes have included increasing my protein intake to maintain afternoon energy levels, including more (tasty!) vegetables in my meals, and cooking more recipes at home. At no point did I feel overly pressured to follow a rigid eating schedule, count calories, or do one of those ridiculous “cleansing” that leave you hungry and cranky. Instead, I completed my 6-month program with her feeling like I made lifelong, manageable changes. Better yet, I feel good about how I look and have developed a new appreciation and respect for my body and its capabilities. Thank you Allison!!”

–Heather F., Chicago, IL

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