Heal Your Gut Starter Kit


Heal Your Gut Starter Kit

The Heal Your Gut Starter Kit is a comprehensive guide to put you on a clear path to healing.

This Starter Kit is a combination of PDF documents, webinars and ebooks designed to gently guide you to create your own, sustainable healing diet that will allow you to freely eat foods you know make you feel good, to freely eat at places you were afraid to visit before and to get your life back.

The Heal Your Gut Starter Kit will help you stop feeling frustrated that you can’t eat the healthy foods you want to eat.

So that you can feel comfortable eating raw vegetables without getting sick.

So that you can feel healthy and well and not worry about getting diarrhea and stomach cramps from your meals.

I work with a lot of people who feel like they’ve tried everything to heal themselves—they’ve read a bunch of books and they know what the nutrition professionals on the internet tell them to do.

There’s lots of nutrition information out there and it’s hard to figure out what plan you should follow.

The truth is that you have to experiment to find your own routine, which is really frustrating and scary. That’s why I created the Heal Your Gut Starter Kit.

 As a part of the Heal Your Gut Starter Kit, you’ll receive:

  • A solid, 6 Step Gut Healing-Protocol that outlines the process I use with my private nutrition counseling clients so that you have a clear path toward healing your gut.
  • A complete list of gut-healing foods so that you can feel confident in your experimentation.
  • Written Exercises to help you tune into your inner body cues that you’ll use to create your personalized healing diet.
  • A Personalized Healing Diet Worksheet to help you get organized and clear about your path to healing.
  • Daily Healing and Cleansing Practices to incorporate into your day to put you on an effective path to healing.
  • An arsenal of gut-healing recipes to keep your process both nourishing and interesting.
  • Two, exclusive webinars with in-depth information on how to Heal Your Gut & Transform Your Relationship with Foods and How to Restore Your Gut Microbiome.
  • Frisky Lemon’s Guide to Finding Food Freedom eBook to give you further support experimenting with healing whole foods to create your own, sustainable healing diet.
  • Frisky Lemon’s Sweet Treats eBook full of my favorite grain-free sweet treat recipes so that you can have a flexible balance in your healing diet.

Creating your own healing diet on your own can be frustrating, but I’ve put together my best healing resources to support you to figure out what truly works for you in a stress-free way.

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