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Super Special Birthday Carrot Cake

Over the weekend, we journeyed up to Vermont for my Mother’s birthday. My Mama loves carrot cake, so I thought I’d make her a grain-free, naturally sweetened version from the Food Lover’s Kitchen. It was a very special birthday, so it deserved a very special cake. This was the first time I’ve made a cake […]

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Sometimes I Eat Pizza

M and I discovered these amazing gluten-free pizza crusts a while back by Against the Grain Gourmet. Every now and then, we have gluten-free pizza as a special treat. Real, Italian pizza is a huge weakness of mine, so being able to make our own pizza that won’t hurt my guts is pretty awesome. We […]

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Coconut Cake from Make it Paleo

I didn’t make this cake. But I did eat it. My Mother made this cake. For a special occasion. That comes once a year. It. was. Amazing. This is the coconut cake with coconut cream cheese frosting from Make it Paleo. Yours truly cutting ler cake. Professional cake cutter? Maybe… The most delicious slice of […]

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Coconut Cake Bars

First, let me say this: these coconut cake bars are decadent. They taste like real cake. By real cake I mean childhood birthday cake: white flour, white sugar and all. But you won’t find any of those ingredients in these bars. These are strictly grain-free, naturally sweetened treats. The Peeps at the Super Bowl party […]

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{Winter Resilience Detox} “I found Allison’s style and approach refreshing”

Some beautiful words from my new friend, Geri– one of the lovely ladies of the Winter Resilience Detox! As a skeptic about “diets” and “extremes”, I thought working with a health coach would be disheartening.  Instead I found Allison’s style and approach refreshing.  “If this doesn’t work for you, how can we achieve your goals […]

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